Management Team

Currently there are 12 full-time equivalent employees involved in the operation and development of Intrade, but we are always looking to add additional innovative and energetic to our small team.

John Delaney CEO IntradeJohn Delaney, Chief Executive Officer. John's early career background was in audit and accountancy where he qualified as an accountant some 15 years ago. Having gained audit, accounts and taxation experience he then achieved a Masters of Science Degree in Investment and Treasury Management at Dublin City University. Thereafter John achieved a first class honors in the Masters of Business Administration (MBA Finance) program from the University College Dublin's Smurfit School of Business.

John has led the development of the Intrade business, setting goals and objectives within an agreed strategy. John is responsible for ensuring the execution and performance of the Intrade strategy which has achieved its objective of being the de facto leader in the prediction markets industry niche.

John is proud to be a founding board member of the recently established Prediction Market Industry Association and an Associate Editor of The Journal of Prediction Markets located at John has appeared on Fox, CNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC and other networks on behalf of Intrade and has also presented at various industry related conferences. Email:

CTOEd Lenox, Chief Technology Officer. Ed graduated from Cambridge University with an honors degree in Engineering where he specialized in Electrical and Information Sciences.

Ed has worked for a variety of software houses where his main focus and expertise has been the introduction of new technology, and the integration of associated practices and procedures into existing corporate systems.

Before joining Intrade, Ed was a software systems architect working on projects in the German financial services industry where he worked on projects for, among others, Dresdner Bank, Commerzbank and HVB.

As CTO Ed has lead his team in the creation, maintenance and development of the exchange technology that currently uses. Email:

jonJohn McNamara, Markets Manager. John has over 15 years of experience as a trader and broker in financial futures markets. For almost a decade, John managed a successful stock index arbitrage team.

During the mid ‘90's, John helped to establish FINEX Europe, a financial futures exchange. In 2000, John participated as a founding member of the initial Intrade management team.

He was partly responsible for the development of the trading interface, and algorithms and guiding the user experience on the Intrade Exchange.

John is the brains behind many of Intrade's most successful markets as well as helping to design new event markets.


carlCarl Wolfenden, Exchange Operations Manager. Carl graduated from Massey University, in his native New Zealand, with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and later earned a Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations from the University of Auckland. Carl joined Intrade in 2002 upon his arrival in Ireland. He had previously worked in the transport and logistics industry in New Zealand, before spending time in the U.S. and the U.K.

He is currently responsible for the day-to-day operation of the exchange, analysis and commentary of current markets and the development of new markets.Carl also writes our widely distributed weekly newsletter analyzing Intrade's political markets and contributes similar content to Yahoo News.


Chad Rigetti, VP Business Development
Chad holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada and is soon to defend his Ph.D. thesis in Applied Physics from Yale University, where he worked in experimental quantum computation. Chad is working in business development, helping to drive Intrade's growth and extend its global brand.


"Most" of the Intrade Team


From the left: Tom, Ed, Randall, Ondrej, John, Pavel, Carl, Sheena, Caspar (standing in for the CEO who is behind the camera), Joe, Geraldine, and Orla, Lee and Anna are missing from the photo.

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